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How I Was Sexually Abused As A Child, Young Blogger Shares His Child Abuse Story

by Naughty Blogger
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Nabom Tuazor child sexual abuse

Nabom Tuazor


When it comes to sexual abuse, many parents don’t pay attention to the boy child because they belive they are stronger and can’t fall prey to sexual predators. This is so wrong.

Child sexual abuse – I remember when I was still a small boy.

Then, I was still in primary 2.

I was in the Village.

That day, I visited my Grand Mum’s House.

So there was this girl who…..

Wait, Did I say say this girl?

Hell Nah!

There was this lady who lived there. When my mum has gone to the farm, she would take me to their house located slightly behind our main house.

She would Lie down,

Place me on herself,

Start touching my Odugwu 🍌🍆

She would start Pulling me hardly to herself and wriggling her waist like we are doing MAN ON TOP!

To me,

What is she doing ?

I didn’t know what she was doing, but I felt bad as I would stare deeply into her eyes.

I laid there, on her belly helpless.

I hadn’t known what sex was, hence I derived absolutely no pleasure in all that happened. But I had grown to a level I can remember things.

Day after Day, Same Shit happened, After She’s done with me, she would tell me “Don’t let your papa know, Don’t let your mama know

I couldn’t help but succumb, she was far much older than me. I know I didn’t like it, Yeah, I didn’t.

I’d keep shut, not telling anyone, until they packed out of that compound.

That was how I was sexually abused as a child.

I remember the fears I had and the feelings of helplessness. My folks never suspected a thing. They probably thought I was just throwing childish tantrums whenever I was to be left with her. Decades down the line, I still shiver whenever I remember my helplessness that day. Well, this experience was like a forerunner to others that followed.

I am Nabom Tuazor Clark, a Young Blogger and Internet Addict From Rivers State, Ogoni Precisely.

This is my Personal Story.





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